Body Talk

Here you will have a relaxing and informative hour of natural healing.  In this session, we use a comprehensive protocol and procedure chart to ensure that all areas that make up YOU, (including the energetic parts of you that you can't see) are taken into account.  We we will be looking for the areas within the nervous system and body that need better communication.  We do this by asking health related questions and using a type of biofeedback muscle testing to get yes or no answers.  Once we have identified where the possible communication break downs are, a light tapping technique is performed. This helps to reset and refocus the brain and nervous system to help rebuild communication to areas of the body-mind that may have been shut down due to stress. Body Talk focuses on the underlying communication links within the body rather than diagnosing, prescribing or labelling symptoms of dis-ease. 

​Body Talk works as a stand alone healing practice or alongside any other healthcare system.



Everywhere there is energy!  We don't see it but it's there.  Music, WiFi, mobile phones... it's all energy - it surrounds us.  Reiki is just another part of that universal consciousness, we draw life from it.  When life stresses take over our energy gets disrupted leaving us feeling foggy headed and tired. Reiki is a beautiful and relaxing hands on healing based on bringing your energies back into balance and encouraging free and uninterrupted energy flow.  Reiki helps to activate the natural healing processes in your body as well as helps to restore your physical and emotional well-being.  Not only are you healing without having to think, it provides a deeply relaxing hour of time just for you!

*Any urgent medical issues should be seen by a registered medical professional
as natural healing practices work over time.
Reiki Treatment