The Clinic

Hello and welcome to Subtle Senses!  My name is Raewyn Allen and I practice Body Talk and Reiki.  I'm currently studying Mindfulness for Mental Health, so watch this space!  My aim, here at Subtle Senses, is to help you bring back balance to your body and mind by creating an awareness of how your lifestyle and life's experiences affect your health.  Every single experience you have ever had in your life has helped create your health today.

Your body is constantly communicating with you, letting you know what it needs in order to be healthy.   When we suffer from any kind of pain or trauma, our response is to pull away and dull down the senses so as not to feel pain.  In other words, we're not hearing what our body is telling us.  Over time, this type of stress breaks down the communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body which compromises our ability to heal naturally.  

Here at Subtle Senses, we understand that there is more to a symptom than meets the eye.  We take into consideration your entire lifestyle; beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, emotions and your environment.  We investigate how these things may have led to your discomfort that you seek help for.  Everyone is different,  your journey will be unique to you.

Body Talk delves into looking for the underlying cause and allows you to become consciously aware of possible reasons for your discomfort, allowing the healing process to begin.  Reiki also works with the underlying causes on an energetic basis in a gentle way.

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Our Philosophy


We are committed to helping you navigate your way through your health journey, however that looks for you.  There is NO one size fits all treatment.  Whether it's your mental, physical or emotional health, it's all relevant and it's all related.  You're body has all of the chemistry it needs to maintain a balanced and healthy life.  Here at Subtle Senses we will walk with you as you learn the necessary tools to heal yourself.