"I have nothing but positive words to say about Body Talk, Reiki and the amazing work Raewyn does. I have had amazing results and would thoroughly recommend a session with her. From my very first session I felt as though an invisible weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Raewyn energetically lifted a lot of my anxiety and fear I had around cancer and tapped into some deeper problems I had been harbouring subconsciously. Since coming to Raewyn, something very powerful has shifted within me - both physically and emotionally. Things that seemed complicated and overwhelming before suddenly became much more manageable. Raewyn gave me the tools and strategies I needed so I could go away and work through things in my own time. She explains everything she does as she practices and the sessions I do with Raewyn still continue to play an essential part in my healing process. She is not only experienced in what she does as a qualified practitioner; she is also a wonderful and kind person. I always leave a session feeling safe, supported and at peace. I can’t Thank you enough Raewyn".

(Sharon Barnes)

"Raewyn is so fantastic at what she does! I’ve been visiting her for BodyTalk sessions for over 6 months now and always have great results. I was coming off my bipolar meds and her sessions have really helped me to deal with the huge changes in my physical and mental health during this time. I highly recommend giving BodyTalk a go with Raewyn at Subtle Senses."

(Sophie Tucker)


"I have always been the type of person that needs to have things proven to me before I believe it works or has merit.  So when I first experienced Reiki with Raewyn, I wasn’t expecting to feel anything from the session.


I was impressed with the Reiki area which was set up with calming music, candles and a warm inviting feeling.  As my session started, I immediately felt a gentle heat coming from Raewyn’s hands before she even made skin contact. I soon found myself yawning and my normally overactive mind drifting off to sleep.  That night I had one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had and felt well rested the next day.


Raewyn is passionate about helping others and this comes through in her sessions.  I highly recommend giving Reiki with Raewyn a go and see for yourself".

(Warwick Allen)

"Raewyn is such an Angel! Within the past couple of months my overall sense of well being and self worth has skyrocketed due to this lovely lady. I’ve found myself feeling more positive, confident and ambitious after every session. I recommend BodyTalk to anyone who is curious and looking for positive change within themselves. Always looking forward to my Sessions, Thank you"!

(Kate Youngman)

"I very much enjoy my Bodytalk sessions with Raewyn she very loving caring and has lots of wisdom and knowledge and gets straight to the point of whats going on. Highly recommend". 

(Julia Huzziff)

"My hubby Paul had been struggling as he had twinged his sciatic nerve and the pain had moved from his butt all the way down to his calf, so he’d been hobbling around for over a week. He wasn’t really sure what to expect but was blown away that when he left Raewyn’s house he wasn’t hobbling anymore. The recovery has been gradual since but so much less pain, he also felt like everything felt a lot mentally clearer.  Get in touch with Raewyn to book yourself a body talk session"!

(Kerry Liddell)