What If We Changed Our Thoughts?

Wow! Since I’ve delved into what I’ve felt was my calling or if you like, my purpose in this world, life has felt a little challenging. I know there is a stigma around healing or being a “healer” and surely to be a healer, our lives must always be sunshine and rainbows right? Or, we must have it all together in order to help “heal” people. Mmm, let’s chat…

From my perspective, being a “healer” brings with it a lot of expectations from some, and cynicism and criticism from others. Believe me, I have this battle within me everyday, which is weird, because I still get up everyday and marvel at how amazing the body is and wonder who I’ll cross paths with today! No matter how interesting life can get, one of the many things that bring me joy is you guys. Watching those aha moments! Ah what a buzz that is! Anyway, regardless of your interpretation of what a healer is and how we heal, here’s my take on it…

Healing is an inside job. The first step to healing is wanting to feel better. Intention and purpose are all you need to get started. All of our processing from our senses to our emotions are all an inside job - even if they appear not to be. A healer is that person that guides you and helps you through your journey but the actual healing comes from within you! In a BodyTalk session, my job is to bring awareness to possible causes and blocks as to why you have symptoms, whether they be mental, emotional or physical and tap out any areas that need to be unblocked. Sometimes the results seem pretty miraculous and sometimes they're so subtle you barely notice the change, but here’s the thing, no matter what the symptom is, the way it came about is unique to you. There is no one size fits all for health because we’ve all had our own unique experiences, feelings, thoughts, nutrition and the different environments that we live in. Your body is beyond incredible and your healing capabilities, with the right tools and awareness, can be phenomenal. So how is it that our body sometimes doesn’t heal on its own then? Sheesh there’s not enough hours in the day to explain this one so I’ll do my best to put it in a nutshell for you.


The body and its processes are designed to keep us alive. Picture back in the caveman days where it was survival of the fittest. If you came across a lion, you had two options; run away as fast as you can or stay and fight to defend yourself. There is a ton of stuff going on in the body during this situation that you’re not actively controlling. Your body has gone into the famous “fight/flight” mode. Without going into too much detail, your body has effectively shut down all resources that aren’t crucial in that moment and redirected all blood flow and energy to fight or flee. Once the threat is over, your systems calm down and balance is restored. At least this is meant to happen… If we are constantly stressed, even low level background stress, then our survival system starts to take over habitually. Messages within the nervous system get distorted or shut down and the body struggles to stay in balance = dis-ease


We’re not exactly facing the same problems as back then but our body still reacts the same way. The only difference is that we’re now reacting to perceived stressors (like for instance me trying to explain this without waffling). There is no fighting or fleeing, just ruminating and stressing. Now the body is full of chemicals and hormones that were meant to aid in helping you leg it away from danger… Do you see where I’m going with this? High pressure jobs, finances, social media, running late, raising children, did I mention social media? We’re getting bombarded with information every single day and how we respond to the experiences in our lives will determine how our body will react overtime.


When was the last time you got triggered by something? Can you remember the feeling or what the situation was? Now have a think about why you reacted that way, do you even know why? How did you deal with it, did you explode and rant and rave? Did you keep quiet but silently implode? Did you hold onto the injustice and ruminate over it? Did you go to the bottle store and buy wine to try and let go of the day? There’s no right or wrong answer, just simply bringing to your awareness the everyday stuff that slows or breaks down the internal communication network that, overtime, disrupts a healthy balance of the body. You don’t need to overthink it. Just be aware of your triggers because that’s where you’ll start to learn what your beliefs are. From there, look at whether those beliefs are serving you. If not, ask them if they are true for you now or can you find a more positive belief around that situation. In my experience I was hanging onto childhood beliefs that in the end just weren’t true. When I finally figured it out, the nagging anxiety around that experience went away. Though you can’t see the energies around you, because our body is just not capable of seeing them on their own, they are there! Just like wifi and music and the signals that go to our tvs, we can’t see them but we don’t question them, we can see that somehow they’re there. We need to look after our energies just as much, if not more than our physical bodies. Our thoughts are a high frequency of energy that filters down into our physical form helping to create our health. So what’s the harm in trying to change our mindset?


Most of the actions we take each day come from our subconscious mind, the part of the mind that is automatic, we’re not usually aware of it. Those reactions come from our belief systems. So where do belief systems come from? Some were handed down to us compliments of our parents and grandparents as we were growing up, some we were taught from our religious backgrounds, and society standards (do what you think you should in order to fit in) and then on top of all that, your own life experiences added to and shaped your belief systems.

If someone expresses a different belief or opinion other than the one we have, and if we hold onto our belief as the absolute truth, we can become uncomfortable and express emotions. Here’s a random example; someone pulls into a parking space you were waiting for. Oh the rage! How dare they? Rather than moving on and finding another park we get angry, might even abuse the driver and there go your stress levels, back into fight/flight mode. What was your belief around that situation? No it may not be ok for someone to take your spot but here’s another thought… You can’t control what other people do, think or say but you can control how you react and it does take practice. Look at it from another perspective, maybe that person was in a hurry to get medicine for a dying family member, or was late to pick up the kids or hasn’t slept in weeks because they were pulling double shifts and didn’t see you waiting. We just don’t always know what’s going on for people so trying to think compassionately can take the edge off your stress just by changing your thoughts around it.

Experiences positive or negative touch our lives everyday. By just becoming aware of our thoughts and how they impact us so greatly and by understanding that our emotions don’t have to be reactive, we can start taking back our power which means taking back our health.

From my understanding it goes something like this:



Perception (filters that we see the world through, what we focus on)


Our response to the world (external reaction)


Physiological reaction (internal reactions)


If we want to remain in balance, we first need to look at our belief systems. Do they work for or against us? We can only see the world through the filter of our experiences, beliefs and perceptions. We can only see what we expect to see and if it's negative, how hard is it to see and feel the good stuff? And vice versa of course. Obviously a healthy diet and exercise plan are a good idea too but the biggest thing, at least I believe, is that at the root of it all are our beliefs and how we think about life’s situations. Diets and lifestyle aside, If we can just become aware of our thoughts and beliefs, then we at least stand a chance at creating the life that we truly deserve to live. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

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