Getting Real About BodyTalk

What is BodyTalk?

In my experience, BodyTalk helps you to gravitate towards a healthier way of being. For me, my mind became clearer and I was more motivated, leading to eating better and exercising (though it took me awhile to get started). But more than that, it opened my eyes to seeing that I had outdated belief systems that no longer served me, that I am in fact, in charge of my health. So what is this BodyTalk I speak of?

BodyTalk is a system that delves into the depths of how and why an illness or disease may have been created and then goes about trying to unravel the imbalances that led to the symptoms. Through bringing to consciousness unresolved (unconscious) thought processes, belief systems, experiences or environmental disturbances (toxins, foods, social media anxiety, stress…) and bringing all of these to the awareness of you, the client, BodyTalk can empower you to start taking control of your own healing process. In order for natural healing to work, you must be willing and open to change. The BodyTalk practitioner’s ultimate goal is to investigate the underlying causes of the presenting symptoms and instigate the healing process within your body-mind.

Because we have lived as a society for generations with the mindset that medicine is the only way, you can be excused for discrediting other healing options. But let me share with you some facts about my particular passion and chosen field of healthcare, my beloved BodyTalk.

Here’s 6 Things You Should Know About BodyTalk


BodyTalk does not discredit Western medicine or any other healing modality. Although BodyTalk can work as a stand alone system, it also works well with any other modality needed at the time. Because symptoms of disease/illness happen over a period of time, healing the body naturally also takes time. If your body is in need of immediate care let’s say a physical trauma associated with an accident, heart attack or a severe or terminal illness, then it stands to reason that a doctor will be required. Having said that, BodyTalk can help the body better utilise any medications given and may also help to reduce or eliminate the side effects associated with those meds. On-going BodyTalk may help in finding the cause of the trauma (in other words why it happened in the first place) and reduce the chances of it happening again (within reason).


Funnily enough I believe a relative called me a witch once because I practice BodyTalk. He was worried for my soul and was going to pray for me. Ironic seeing as the work we do is reminding your body how to use it’s NATURAL healing ability… Go figure! But no, we are not witches or in fact miracle workers. (Wouldn’t that be awesome, I’d be rich now!) Although it can sometimes appear that way (not the witches part just the miracle worker part) where people can experience a speedy recovery, reduction of symptoms or instant feelings of wellness. We are just normal people with a specialised skill set to help your body remember how to heal itself. The BodyTalk practitioner does not “fix” you, instead we are trained to help the body to recognise the existing imbalance at that particular time in your session so your body can activate its natural homeostatic healing response. Because around 90% of what drives our behaviour comes from our subconscious mind, it would stand to reason that causes of an illness or imbalance may be created there too. As a BodyTalker it is our job to bring those issues into consciousness for re-balancing.


Whether you like it or not, consciousness is all around you and just a fact of life. Just because we don’t think about it or can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Belief systems and consciousness play a big part in our BodyTalk system. They help us to understand why people do things the way they do and why an illness may be created. For instance… If a person hears the word natural healing, (through belief systems created by family views, culture, religion, environment etc) and believes that western medicine is the only way, then challenging that belief with something new will only make that person hold more rigidly to the belief that their way is the only right way. Unfortunately the thought of another way of healing will not be entertained. Sadly it closes the door to utilising your body’s natural birth right or if you like, your body’s God given ability to heal itself. Instead you may have forfeited the responsibility of your health on your doctor and the drugs they prescribed. BodyTalk only utilises what nature intended. No diagnosis, no medication. Under the right circumstances your body does have the ability to heal naturally.


As with advancements in medicine, the BodyTalk system continually strives to keep up with new research in the various areas of the health spectrum. BodyTalk practitioners are encouraged to up-skill every year with ongoing education and courses designed specifically for the BodyTalk system so really, we never stop learning (this requires us to be open minded and dedicated). BodyTalk works not only with a western, scientific medicine perspective but also the Eastern perspective (such as Chinese medicine and Ayurdevic, among others). When you come in for a session, everything about you is taken into account including the physical symptoms, energy fields that surround your body, your thoughts, emotions, belief systems and life experiences. All of those things need to be focused on as a collective, to get to the bottom of why you are needing a healing session.


YOU are ultimately responsible for your healing. Placing sole responsibility for your health on any healing practitioner is both a huge burden to them and pretty unrealistic. No one can fully know your experiences, thoughts, feelings or actions because we haven’t lived them through your perceptions or seen them through your eyes. Therefore, as much as we try to understand, we can only help you with the knowledge of you that we have - it is your job to take responsibility between sessions and really listen to your body. With BodyTalk there is no one size fits all because every single one of you is unique and has your own life story to tell, therefore every session will be different. If you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, this is your body telling you that something is not right. If you pay attention, your body gives you little signs each day if something is out of balance. If you don’t listen, they will become more pronounced. If you still don’t listen your body will eventually make you sit up and listen by creating aches and pains or worse. It is the BodyTalk practitioner's role to help you understand and awaken your body-mind as to why these symptoms may be happening. Your body will do the rest. So really during a session, it’s a team effort but ultimately in between sessions it is your decision to take full responsibility for your health.


Stress plays a major part in health issues. Belief systems that can lead to negative limiting thoughts can colour the way we see the world. If we are seeing the world in a negative light then each negative experience we encounter will trigger our body’s stress response. Although our body is designed to react when we come across a threat, these days we have “perceived threats” flying at us from all angles. Finances, relationships, work, school, social media, even something as simple as driving to work can create stress. As our stress load increases in our body each day, our immune system is compromised leading to a breakdown in communication amongst the body’s systems. This is where BodyTalk comes in. Amongst the various techniques that help to re-establish that communication between your nervous system and body, BodyTalk has one of the (I believe) best teachable techniques available which is called the Cortices technique. This helps to calm the brain down regardless of what is going on in the body. If you would like to take a look or learn this technique, go to our Facebook page @subtlesenses.

So there you have it, my opinions about this incredible healing system. No matter who you are or where you are in your life now, no matter what age, religion, sex or colour, BodyTalk can help to improve not only your outlook on life but your health as well. You don’t need to be sick to enjoy this incredible system. BodyTalk will improve on what is if you open your mind enough to try it. Subtle Senses was created out of a yearning for seeing people live their best lives, happy and healthy. Are you ready to take care of you? Give it a go and book now!

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