Curing Vs Healing


The approach to the two are very different (what’s required from the patient and the results of their health). There are times when one option is more appropriate than the other but if we spent more time on healing ourselves when we are well, there would be less need for curing”.

So What's The Difference?


  • The goal of healing is to find the root cause of the symptom - unhealthy contributing patterns are buried deep and are often in the subconscious mind.

  • Your Body Talk practitioner’s role is to bring your conscious awareness to these patterns so you can change them, you play a major role in your “treatment plan”.

  • Symptoms of illness are our body’s way of alerting the mind that there is an imbalance within the body. If there is dysfunction somewhere in the body there is dysfunction somewhere in the mind contributing to symptoms.

  • There is a connection between beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and emotions creating unhealthy patterns that manifest in disease within the body-mind.

  • Healing is the longer, and possibly more uncomfortable of the two processes because it requires changes to all areas of your life.

  • Healing is an ongoing process of self-discovery and conscious awareness, not something we strive to achieve when we’re unwell.

  • Illness didn’t happen overnight, and it may take time for the body to bring balance back again.


  • The goal of curing is to restore the body back to the state it was in before it became ill, usually by using medications, surgery (or similar). The focus is on the physical body, relieving or eliminating any symptoms of pain, discomfort or dis-ease. By medicating, or more drastically, removing a body part, symptoms may be eliminated creating ease within the body.

  • Curing (the more immediate of the two), is definitely needed in times of emergency.

  • Doctor diagnoses and prescribes treatment and the client follows instructions, there’s next to no input from you in the treatment plan.

  • "Symptoms" may disappear faster.

While this method is needed when it comes to an immediate crisis (i.e. heart attacks, asthma, advanced stages of cancer...) or extreme symptoms, it makes it easier for us to live physically but it doesn’t address the underlying cause of why the initial symptoms appeared in the first place. Because the cause of the issue hasn’t been addressed, our body is now at risk of developing further symptoms of illness in the future.

The healing option can feel like taking the long road...

  • Healing is about breaking old unhealthy patterns and creating new ones so that the body can find balance on all levels, not just the physical.

  • Healing is truly empowering. It sets up healthy patterns so you can move forward and live a healthy balanced, complete life. At the end of life, it may just lead to acceptance and peace but that’s ok too.

  • Healing also creates a healthy environment in which your natural healing capabilities can observe and take action when needed, at all times, not just when symptoms appear so you can stay healthy.

So in summary (by my opinion anyway), there are both positives and negatives to both healing and curing. In dire situations we need Western medicine but when the emergency has subsided we also need natural healing modalities like BodyTalk to help discover why and to aid in the body's natural healing ability to function appropriately when needed.

By creating a healthy balance, your body can get on with doing what it was designed to do…

Balance, Heal, Emerge into optimal health.

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