Reiki Treatment

Is a simple, beautiful and powerful healing energy system that works by placing the hands in a series of positions on, or slightly above the body.  It is gentle, effective and helps to promote healing by activating your body's natural healing response to release blocked energy, promote relaxation and reduce stress hormones that are the culprits for hastening disease progression.




When energy flow within the body is not moving freely or becomes stuck, the body's energy may feel sluggish and energy levels drop.  Mental clarity may diminish, emotional distress may increase and symptoms of physical pain or illness may appear.


Reiki has the ability to go wherever it is needed in the body, helping the body to cleanse itself of toxins on all levels.  Reiki provides quiet and continuous support for all levels of healing and growth and balances the body at a very deep level.


Reiki works safely with any other form of treatment (medical or holistic) helping to strengthen any aspects of that treatment taking place.  It supports the body in addressing any side effects that create an imbalance from that treatment.


Holding Hands

Healing Benefits


  • Stress reduction and relaxation, triggering the body's natural healing abilities

  • Aids in improved sleep

  • Calms the mind, enhancing your ability to cope better with everyday stress

  • Enhances mental clarity and increases memory recall

  • Helps to alleviate mood swings

  • Can help reduce physical pain within the body

  • Aids in hormonal imbalances

Reiki is like a reset button to your body, gently influencing your body's systems back towards balance. 

You are unique therefore your healing experience will be unique to you and each session will vary depending on the needs of your body.