BodyTalk is a simple, yet safe and effective whole healthcare system that addresses you, the whole person, using the entire context of your life and experiences to improve your health.   


​BodyTalk is based on the science of the Dynamics Systems Theory and also the Quantum Physics models.  It also incorporates the philosophy of Indian Advaitic Vedantic and Traditional Chinese Medicines among others.  With the belief system that your body is capable of healing itself on all levels under the right conditions, BodyTalk seeks to find the cause of your illness rather than the symptoms they’re presenting.  It's about understanding the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health. 

Everything within your body-mind from all your systems right down to the cellular level needs to be in constant communication with each other to maintain balance and optimal health.  Stressors (trauma, illness, relationships, finances...) produced by external factors can interfere with the natural communication systems within the body. Once communication gets disrupted, symptoms of illness can appear. 


BodyTalk is respectful of the fact that your nervous system has an inbuilt intelligence (Innate Wisdom) that works unconsciously maintaining balance within and between the body's systems.  It is also self-guided in its healing process when needed.  This is evident when we cut ourselves, break a bone, or recover from an illness without medication. It knows when and why your symptoms surfaced and it has its own priorities as to how they will be addressed for healing to take place.


All areas of your life need to be taken into consideration as every experience you go through is unique and contributes to your state of health.   Experiences, beliefs, emotions, environment, and genetics all play a big part in creating stressors which impact the body’s functioning. By addressing all your issues, BodyTalk helps to re-establish lines of communication to awaken and restore your body’s natural healing ability.


Re-establishing communication and awareness allows the body to begin the repair.  Note that BodyTalk is a “healing” system which happens in the body over time.

Your body is always trying to communicate with you in the form of thoughts, emotions, injury, disease, and pain. After all, we listen to pain! Are you listening?


For further information regarding your session, please refer to the FAQs page.