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BodyTalk Access consists of the 5 basic (core) Body Talk Techniques designed to address common symptoms that result from experiencing stress on a daily basis. 

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  • The first two techniques of Body Talk Access are Cortices and Switching.  These techniques balance the brain, so that the brain is alert and communicating appropriately.


  • The next two techniques; Hydration and Body Chemistry help to balance the metabolic processes of the body and the entire immune system.  This helps to build resilience in the face of stress and outside stressors trying to invade the body such as bacteria or germs.


  • The final technique helps to balance posture and the physical structure of the body, as well as building up your body's Wei Qi (protective energy).  Here we link points through the extrinsic energy systems of the body.  This can greatly improve posture, circulation and energy flow, pain and overall sense of wellbeing.

Access helps to re-establish internal lines of communication between the nervous system and rest of the body. This helps you to become more resilient towards stress and any other factors that can compromise your long term overall health. 

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