What Is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a safe effective and non invasive system that looks for the cause of your discomfort (rather than the presenting symptoms).  


BodyTalk is a scientifically based healthcare system that gently treats your symptoms by bringing the possible cause to your conscious awareness so your body can address them.  It not only addresses your physical body and it’s symptoms, it also addresses the emotional, mental and environmental aspects of your life as well.

How does BodyTalk Work?

Your body has an Innate Wisdom that knows what is going on in the body-mind at all levels and also knows how to initiate the healing process when required (i.e. broken bones, colds, flu...).  When communication between this intelligence and the rest of the body breaks down (usually due to stress), symptoms start to appear. A BodyTalk practitioner uses a comprehensive protocol chart and neuromuscular biofeedback (a muscle testing technique) designed to locate the imbalances within the body that are a priority.  

Next the practitioner holds the areas that have been highlighted and taps gently on the head, sternum and navel. Tapping on the head helps the brain to acknowledge the issues and repairs the communication links while tapping on the sternum and navel ensures the new information is stored, remembered and assimilated throughout the whole body.  

Once this process has been completed, it is then up to your body’s innate wisdom to activate the healing response.

What Will My BodyTalk Session Be Like?

Allow 90 minutes for your first session and up to an hour for future sessions.  You will need to come wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. On your first session, you will be asked to fill out an intake form which will give your practitioner an overview of your current state of health (this is the time you can discuss your health concerns and ask questions).  You will then be asked to sit, or lie, fully clothed on a massage table. During the session, your practitioner will consult your innate wisdom by means of biofeedback/muscle testing (very much like calibrating your body to get a yes/no answer).​ Working through a comprehensive protocol chart the practitioner will then look to see what disturbances have occurred disrupting the communication and balance of your body-mind system.​  Your Innate Wisdom will direct the practitioner to establish necessary links for correcting the breakdown.​

Once all the information has been collected, and links completed (as determined by your body) you may then be asked to lightly touch one point of the link and the BodyTalk practitioner will then lightly touch the other point while tapping your head, sternum, and navel.  This process may be repeated until your Innate Wisdom indicates the session is over.

Things you may experience in your session


  • Relaxation - Calmness

  • Various emotions

  • Yawning...​​

  • Stomach Gurgling



​At the end of the session, your Innate Wisdom directs a timeframe for the next session, taking into account how long the body needs to re-adjust itself to the corrections that have taken place.  You are unique and each timing will be different.

What Can BodyTalk Help Me With?

BodyTalk is effective in balancing many symptoms:


  • Stress

  • Chronic Pain

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Migraines

  • Fatigue

  • Digestive disorders

  • Endocrine disorders


And so much more...

Can I Just Stop Taking My Meds If I’m Having BodyTalk sessions?

Absolutely not!  BodyTalk is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications, it is a natural healing process that takes time and if your health circumstances require immediate treatment, then medication will be needed. However, BodyTalk helps your body to better utilise the medications you are receiving.  It also works well with all other modalities whether it is western medicine or other forms of alternative healing. As your body becomes more efficient from your BodyTalk sessions, your need for the medications MAY reduce but that will be completely up to your doctor who prescribed them.  As a BodyTalk practitioner, we do NOT diagnose symptoms nor do we prescribe any medications, if you are concerned, please contact your doctor.

Isn't This Just All Woo Woo Stuff?

Although BodyTalk is considered a Consciousness Based Healthcare System, it is primarily based on The Dynamic Systems Theory (which is a scientific model that has been around for decades) and also the Quantum Physics and Holographic models.  The Quantum Physics principles have been understood for more than 100 years.  BodyTalk also works with philosophical principles such as the teachings of Indian Advaitic Vedantic and Traditional Chinese Medicines which have been around for many centuries.  For the more scientifically minded... In the below link, Bruce Lipton explains how our life experiences can affect our cells and therefore our health.  In the second link, there is further information on how brainwave patterns change depending on what we're doing at the time.  One part of the BodyTalk technique, which involves tapping the head, is thought to cause interference with the brain's electrical activity causing the brain to re-evaluate it's state of health (in other words bringing any issues of the body mind to the brain's attention to rectify).   BodyTalk works with the understanding of all of the above mentioned modalities.  With a comprehensive protocols and procedures chart, BodyTalk seeks to find the "cause" of your symptoms rather than what is being presented. Remember we don't always have to physically see something working in order for it to work - after all, you don't see wifi or music but you know it's there right?  Happy reading!