Building Awareness

Body Talk is based on the science of the Dynamics Systems Theory and also the Quantum Physics models.  It also incorporates the philosophy of Indian Advaitic Vedantic and Traditional Chinese Medicines among others.  It's about understanding the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health. 


Building an awareness of the mind body connection is important in Body Talk because it takes into account our entire lifestyle; experiences, belief systems and perceptions which create a cascade of responses within the body mind, creating health or "illness".  

Our entire world is processed through our senses.  Our sense organs work together with the processing centres in the brain to construct a model of our world and how we respond to it. 


Stress creates a hormonal response within the body that dulls down the immune system in order to enable the body to fight or run.  Stress is around us constantly due to 24 access to the world via social media. Our body doesn't decipher what is real or perceived.  If we perceive a situation to be stressful, our body will act accordingly.  Overtime, the body becomes imbalanced and symptoms start to appear (i.e. our body "hears" our thoughts).

Our body is always trying to maintain balance, it's always trying to talk to us about what we need to change.  Many of the underlying causes sit within the subconscious mind which is why we aren't always aware of what is going on or why.   

Body Talk utilises all of this information to look for the root cause of your symptoms and where the break down in communication between the nervous system and body may have happened. Our aim is to help re-establish that communication so the body can start to heal itself.