History Overview

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BodyTalk was developed in the 1990s out of personal necessity by Australian born Dr John Veltheim, an Acupuncture, and Natural Health professional.


After years of working long hours in his own private practice and in his role as director of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies, Dr Veltheim’s health became compromised and deteriorated to a point that doctors didn’t think he would survive.  


After treating himself with Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and other modalities he had learned, his condition went from acute to chronic which bought him time to seek out other experts and therapies but unfortunately, none of them worked.

On his quest to find a cure, Dr Veltheim was introduced to a tapping technique that literally changed his health status in days - from chronic to symptom-free. Dr  Veltheim became motivated to investigate and develop this technique further and today this technique is known, in BodyTalk, as the Body Chemistry Technique.


Using his extensive background in many alternative therapies, he researched and developed further techniques that when applied, seemed to get positive results in various conditions and diseases.  These techniques became the foundation of BodyTalk.


In 1998, after moving to Florida, Dr Veltheim set up a practice based solely on BodyTalk.  Here he perfected the procedures and protocols enough that he could teach them to anyone and get great results.  This is where Dr Veltheim began to train his top students to be instructors for this then, new healthcare system.


BodyTalk is an ever-evolving healthcare system based on Quantum Physics and Dynamic Systems Theory.  With a growing global understanding that consciousness is the ground substance of all reality, the philosophy and science that BodyTalk has been founded on are blending in together and Dr Veltheim continues to research and develop new techniques that incorporate concepts based on the most recent discoveries in quantum physics and other sources.


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