My Story

As a young child I had this deep belief that we each had the ability to heal ourselves.  I never understood how bizarre it sounded until I grew older, then "life" happened.

I was in and out of hospital as a child and had major ear surgery which left me partially deaf, I was born with partial vision in my left eye from toxoplasmosis in utero but my body just adjusted and life for me was normal.  

I grew up with what I perceived was a lot of loss; divorce,  deaths, illness, emotional abuse and I learnt to be fearful.  Going through life I've learned so many lessons and each situation has actually enriched my life (although at the time it didn't feel like it).  Because of my history, I now see life through a completely different filter.  I understand that there is no blame - when we know better, we do better.

What life has taught me is strength and having the strength of character to work, study hard and pass on anything I learn to help someone else learn how to feel good.  

Because of my experiences, I developed an absolute passion to help everyone including adults, parents, grandparents, teens and children to learn how their thoughts, emotions and actions come from a place of belief systems (some outdated) which in turn affects how we perceive life.  So many illnesses are borne from the underlying subconscious stresses that our body holds onto.  


I'm still unravelling old experiences and symptoms still appear to be released but If I can help just one person become aware, then all the study and hard work will be worth it. xx