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Our Mission Statement

"Helping You To Heal Naturally By Bringing

Awareness & Balance To Your Body Mind So You Can...

Balance, Heal, Emerge

Into Better Health"


About Me

Hey, my name's Raewyn.  I lead a quiet life with my husband and three children in the sunny Bay of Plenty.  As you can imagine, some days are more fun than others but everyday I know how lucky I am! 

My whole life has been a very colourful journey of experiences.  It's from these experiences that I became fascinated with the mind-body connection.  I wanted to know how it was, that two people can have the same symptoms of dis-ease (physical or mental) where symptoms in one person improve but not in another?  

I became interested in natural health care after a minor skin cancer diagnosis, this started me on an incredible journey.  The most recent diagnosis was breast cancer.  This is a journey that, as I learn, I will share with you through my practice of BodyTalk, Reiki and by the end of 2021, Mindfulness for Mental Health.  But most of all, I love helping to bring awareness to your situations and seeing those aha moments happening.  This is what I truly love about this work, becoming aware is where the real healing begins.


BodyTalk became an integral part of my healing journey and in 2016, I became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.  In 2017 I was naturally drawn into one of the most beautiful healing modalities, Reiki.  It all happened so naturally and the results speak for themselves.


Natural healing is often mistaken for being some woo woo mystical thing.  My mission, and continuous study, is to help you understand the connection between the energetic and physical bodies and to give you the tools to implement better health.


I also strongly believe in working alongside all healthcare modalities (including western medicine) especially in urgent cases as natural healthcare takes time.  You HAVE the ability to heal, whether it's on a mental or physical level.  You just need the right tools xx


"Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to our environmental signals that propel life"

Dr Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief


One on One BodyTalk Session

BodyTalk looks for the underlying cause of your symptoms.  The aim of BodyTalk is to bring the body and all its systems back into balance by re-aligning communication within the body mind. 

Long Distance BodyTalk Session

Are you away from home or too busy to stop  for a session?  Try having a distance session, just as effective as in person!

One on One Reiki Session

Reiki helps to activate the natural healing processes in your body as well as helps to restore your physical and emotional well-being.


What People are Saying...



— Sophie Tucker

"Such an amazing experience having a BodyTalk session with Raewyn. I felt totally at ease in her hands and can't wait for my next session."